Jack and Jill's Haunted Hill

Jack and Jill went up the Hill to fetch a pale of water...

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The last 6 years, the search of the abandoned mine has continued with your help. This past November, law enforcement closed the mine shaft saying "all leads have run dry".

Days ago, hikers in the Arizona desert came across human remains that police are saying are "very similar to the devastating Jack and Jill case file".

Investigators were lead to a farm house, that state records say, belong to the Bailey family. Aerial shots of the farm show a well, just like the one Jack and Jill were said to have been searching for, just outside the Bailey family home.

A NEW case has been opened and we are asking for YOUR help to search the farm that many have nicknamed "the House of Screams"!

THIS SEASON... come search an ENTIRELY NEW HOUSE in hopes of keeping the search for Jack and Jill ALIVE!

See some of your FAVORITE rooms of the past RE IMAGINED as you search the Clyde Bailey families home and enter into the Killer's Nightmare...

...Hopefully you'll be lucky enough to make it out... ALIVE!!!